Greyhound trainer suspended for animal cruelty

Greyhound trainer suspended for animal cruelty

By Bill Martin.

NASHVILLE — The Tennessee Department of Agriculture has fined a Lexington man $2,500 after a dog in his training class was found to be mauling his dog, according to documents released by the department.

Rory DeWitt, 35, was suspended indefinitely by the department for 30 days after the incident in April, according to the reports.

DeWitt was given a fine of $2,500, but was given the opportunity to receive a court order against the dog.

DeWitt was training a dog named Kaitlyn with T.D.O. and Animal Cruelty Prevention Officers at the time of the incident and was keeping the dog near his home, the reports said.

DeWitt’s dog went into a barking frenzy when DeWitt, a for바카라mer boxer, left to buy the dog a cookie dough cone.

A Kaitlyn who went into a fury,바카라 and hit DeWitt hard. His T.D.O. officer attempted to calm her and calm her by sitting on the fence, the documents said.

DeWitt, however, did not stop her. As a result, the animal w더킹카지노as knocked to the ground and pinned down with a large dog leash.

The incident turned into a big one when T.D.O. officers tried to break up the dog’s attack with a Taser, according to the reports. The Taser officer, by the way, was also given a second suspension for dog attacks by officers.

DeWitt claimed the dog was aggressive toward him, and the animal was the aggressor in the attacks. He said the dog would attack anyone who dared approach it in the animal control yard.

The animal control officers attempted several times to break up the dog attacks but were unsuccessful.

DeWitt’s attorney, Paul Steed, told the local news that the department was investigating the incident and that the training dog is safe and healthy.

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